package fetch

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Package Members

  1. package circe
  2. package future
  3. package thenable

Type Members

  1. trait BasicAuthentication extends algebra.BasicAuthentication with EndpointsWithCustomErrors

  2. trait BuiltInErrors extends algebra.BuiltInErrors

  3. trait ChunkedEntities extends ChunkedRequestEntities with ChunkedResponseEntities
  4. trait ChunkedJsonEntities extends ChunkedJsonRequestEntities with ChunkedJsonResponseEntities
  5. trait ChunkedJsonRequestEntities extends algebra.ChunkedJsonRequestEntities with ChunkedRequestEntities with JsonEntitiesFromCodecs with Framing
  6. trait ChunkedJsonResponseEntities extends algebra.ChunkedJsonResponseEntities with ChunkedResponseEntities with JsonEntitiesFromCodecs with Framing
  7. trait ChunkedRequestEntities extends algebra.ChunkedRequestEntities with EndpointsWithCustomErrors with Chunks
  8. trait ChunkedResponseEntities extends algebra.ChunkedResponseEntities with EndpointsWithCustomErrors with Chunks
  9. trait Chunks extends AnyRef
  10. trait Endpoints extends algebra.Endpoints with EndpointsWithCustomErrors with BuiltInErrors
  11. final class EndpointsSettings extends Serializable

    Settings for XHR interpreter.

  12. trait EndpointsWithCustomErrors extends algebra.EndpointsWithCustomErrors with Urls with Methods with StatusCodes
  13. final case class FetchUrl(underlying: String) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  14. trait Framing extends algebra.Framing
  15. trait JsonEntitiesFromCodecs extends EndpointsWithCustomErrors with algebra.JsonEntitiesFromCodecs
  16. trait JsonEntitiesFromSchemas extends algebra.JsonEntitiesFromSchemas with JsonEntitiesFromCodecs with JsonSchemas
  17. trait Methods extends algebra.Methods
  18. final class RequestData extends Serializable
  19. trait StatusCodes extends algebra.StatusCodes
  20. trait Urls extends algebra.Urls

    algebra.Urls interpreter that builds URLs (in a JavaScript runtime environment).

Value Members

  1. object EndpointsSettings extends Serializable
  2. object RequestData extends Serializable