package client

Client interpreters backed by Akka HTTP

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Type Members

  1. trait AkkaHttpRequestExecutor extends AnyRef
  2. trait BasicAuthentication extends algebra.BasicAuthentication

  3. trait BuiltInErrors extends algebra.BuiltInErrors

  4. trait ChunkedEntities extends algebra.ChunkedEntities with EndpointsWithCustomErrors

    Interpreter for the algebra.ChunkedEntities algebra in the endpoints4s.akkahttp.client family.

  5. trait ChunkedJsonEntities extends algebra.ChunkedJsonEntities with ChunkedEntities with JsonEntitiesFromCodecs

    Interpreter for the algebra.ChunkedJsonEntities algebra in the endpoints4s.akkahttp.client family.

  6. class Endpoints extends algebra.Endpoints with EndpointsWithCustomErrors with BuiltInErrors

    Akka-HTTP based interpreter that uses algebra.BuiltInErrors to model client and server errors.

  7. final case class EndpointsSettings(requestExecutor: AkkaHttpRequestExecutor, baseUri: Uri = Uri("/"), toStrictTimeout: FiniteDuration = 2.seconds, stringContentExtractor: (Strict) => String = extends Product with Serializable
  8. trait EndpointsWithCustomErrors extends algebra.EndpointsWithCustomErrors with Urls with Methods with StatusCodes

    Akka-HTTP based interpreter.

  9. trait JsonEntitiesFromCodecs extends algebra.JsonEntitiesFromCodecs with EndpointsWithCustomErrors

    Interpreter for endpoints4s.algebra.JsonEntitiesFromCodecs that encodes JSON requests and decodes JSON responses using Akka HTTP.

  10. trait JsonEntitiesFromSchemas extends algebra.JsonEntitiesFromSchemas with JsonEntitiesFromCodecs with JsonSchemas

    Interpreter for endpoints4s.algebra.JsonEntitiesFromSchemas that encodes JSON requests and decodes JSON responses using Akka HTTP.

  11. trait Methods extends algebra.Methods

  12. trait MuxEndpoints extends algebra.MuxEndpoints

  13. trait StatusCodes extends algebra.StatusCodes

    algebra.StatusCodes interpreter that decodes and encodes methods.

  14. trait Urls extends algebra.Urls

    algebra.Urls interpreter that builds URLs.

Value Members

  1. object AkkaHttpRequestExecutor

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